First, check out our e-newsletter article '12 things you MUST ask before choosing your real estate agent' for answers about experience background, sales ratios etc.

Second, you need to know what it is we do - so you know what to expect from us.


  • provide researched, concise, factual, information on the property, the area, and local trends. Read our acclaimed Annual Report for exclusive ' inside' information.
  • negotiate a price, and terms, agreeable to buyer and seller. Our statistics prove how successfully we work with our clients to negotiate the best deal.
  • assist in arranging financing. Our personalized rates are your rates.
  • search for listings. Did you know the best buys are available only in the 'hot sheets' exclusive to agents on the MLS program? We get updates of new homes for sale four times daily!

AND NOW - What do YOU have to do?
It's all about teamwork - we're in this together. Our commitment to you, our client, is as strong as our commitment to each other over our 30+ years of real estate experience.
We minimize surprises, taking 'Luck' out of the buying and selling equations.

So, you need to let us know:

  • details of your property needs
  • your idea of a suitable location
  • basic financial information
  • what you like and don't like about the properties we show you
    (check out the handy checklist we've provided)
  • your commitment to us as a team.

Don't leave it to luck - keep track of details in the houses you visit.

You'll probably look at 8 or 10 houses before you decide which one is right for you.
That's a lot of detail to keep in mind, so we thought we'd give you our easy and useful checklist. Instead of jotting notes on the back of the Open House flyer, use this list as a professional way to keep track. It makes comparisons between houses easy, and you don't have to rely on memory. Especially handy when you're describing the house to a Significant Other who couldn't be with you on that first visit.

You will have facts such as number of bathrooms, room size etc. from your agent, or from the Open House flyer, so use this checklist for your impressions, using a 1- 10 gauge. [Click Here]

Not intended to solicit properties currently listed for sale or individuals currently under contract with a broker.

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