North Central Toronto has several distinct neighourhoods.
Here is a brief history and overview of each area.

  Allenby/Sherwood Park
  St. Clair/Summerhill
  Cricket Club
  Hogg's Hollow
  Lawrence Park
  Lytton Park
  North Toronto/Wanless

Allenby/Sherwood Park


The Allenby Area was the first to be settled, in the 1400’s by the Huron tribe who maintained a village until the early 1700’s. The tribal huts were on the school site presently known as the Allenby Public School. The school was opened in 1927, and named after Lord Allenby, a Bristish World War One hero.

The Sherwood Park Area (which was within the town of North Toronto) was primarily an agricultural farming community that was incorporated in 1890 as a result of the amalgamation between Davisville Village, Eglinton Village, and Bedford Park Village. They began building houses in the 1890’s when the Metropolitan Street Railway made North Toronto the northernmost stop on its five cent line from downtown Toronto.

By the early 1900’s North Toronto emerged as one of Toronto’s most popular commuter suburbs. It was annexed in 1912 and was completely developed by the 1940’s.

The areas that we refer to as Allenby and Sherwood Park, both fall within the Toronto Mega City boundaries formed in 1998 and referred to as North Toronto.


These areas are extremely popular with families raising young children. They have everything families look for in neighbourhoods, good sized houses, an excellent selection of public, private, and separate schools, convenient access to Toronto’s transit system, and a multitude of parks and recreation facilities.


The Allenby Area boasts a lovely selection of tudor style homes built mostly in the 1930’s to 1940’s. While the Sherwood Park Area has a selection of bungalows, semi-detached and fully detached houses built mostly between 1910 and 1940.


Allenby Area

Allenby Jr. 391 St. Clements Ave. (416) 393-9115 (public)
Glenview Sr. 401 Rosewell Ave. (416) 393-9390 (public)
Forest Hill Collegiate Institute 730 Eglinton Ave. West (416) 393-1860 (public HS)
North Toronto Collegiate Institute 70 Roehampton Avenue (416) 393-9180 (public HS)
Havergal College 1451 Avenue Road (416) 483-3519 (private)
St. Clement’s School 21 St. Clements Ave. (416) 483-4835 (private)

Sherwood Park Area

Blythwood Jr. 2 Strathgowan Cres. (416) 393-9105 (public)
Eglinton Jr. 223 Eglinton Ave. E. (416) 393-9315 (public)
John Fisher Jr. 40 Erskine Ave. (416) 393-9325 (public)
Spectrum Sr. 223 Eglinton Ave. E. (416) 393-9311 (public)
Sunnyview Jr. & Sr. 450 Blythwood Rd. (416) 393-9275 (public)
North Toronto Collegiate Institute 70 Roehampton Avenue (416) 393-9180 (public HS)
Northern Secondary 851 Mount Pleasant Rd. (416) 393-0270 (public HS)
St. Monica 14 Broadway Ave. (416) 393-4224 (separate)
St. Clement’s School 21 St. Clements Ave. (416) 483-4835 (private)

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