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LeBoeuf Properties


Lloyd LeBoeuf is a developer and custom builder whose firm has distinguished itself for more than two decades by constructing a significant portfolio of traditional homes of impeccable character and design, in the high-end residential areas of Toronto.




Telephone directory.



Toronto Public Libraries

Information on Toronto Libraries, and Library directory.


Local Information

All About Toronto

Information on Toronto, and what is going on.


Ontario Government

Access your government with a quick click.


Toronto Parks and Recreation

Toronto Parks and Recreation


Moving Information

Canada Post

Moving? Quick link to change your address, right here on-line. Postal code information.


Ministry of Transportation

Moving? Change your drivers license!



College Information

Information on Colleges, and College directory.


Private Schools

Information on Private Schools and School Directory.


Toronto Catholic Schools

Information on Catholic schools and school directory.


Toronto Public Schools

Information on Toronto Public schools, and school directory.



Information of Toronto Universities and University directory.


Services & Utilities

Bell Canada

Quick link for moving information and how to change your Bell telephone services.


Enbridge Gas

Enbridge Home Services.


Rogers Cable

Want to see homes faster? Quick link to see all the service Rogers has to offer. High Speed to make your surfing quicker.


Shaw Cable

Quick Link to access Shaw Cable and all the services they provide.


Toronto Garbage
& Recycling

Need information on Recycling and what you can do to help Toronto keep clean? Here's the place!


Toronto Hydro

Quick link to change information right here, right now on-line.


Toronto Water

Information on Toronto Water and how safe your drinking water is.